Hi there. I'm Jamie – an old-school New York writer and Type A realistic optimist who, probably like you, is still trying to figure it all out.

Always a bit of a black sheep, constantly misstepping and adjusting,

and doing my best to stress less, laugh more, and make the most of it all.


And, oh yeah, I’ve pretty much always loved writing – so much so that my grade school teachers had to limit my verbosity with strict word counts. (That's me above, at the age of seven on the left, and currently on the right.)

While I've certainly had my fair share of self-help advice searching,

the more I read, the more I think, "Yup. I already know that."

So consider this an anti-advice column...

My younger sister is the funny one. I'm the sappy one.

But I try to strike a balance.

Someone once told me that I write like NPR sounds.

If there’s even a modicum of truth in that statement,

then that’s enough reason to keep on writing.


With that said, thanks for stopping by.

And keep sharing your stories, because someone wants to hear them.

~ From the blog ~

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