What is j.e.wolff?

Well, as with most projects, it's an ongoing evolution.


As much as I love advice columns, I'm also a big fan of taking everything with a grain of salt and adjusting it to taste. So, I birthed j.e.wolff: an ANTI-advice column. In other words, it was a one size fits none approach to feeling better.

But, you know, after keeping it up for awhile, it just became too much. I tried to turn it into a podcast, which was fun, but I ended up writing even less. Oops.

So, stressed out by the very notion that a passion blog was stressing me out , I stepped away for awhile and let it gather some nostalgic dust in the interwebs.

Now, here I am, giving it another whirl, writing about relationships, health in all its guises, and a category I like to call "You do you" - a catch-all for the majority of other stories and challenges in this ongoing journey of being and doing called life.


I came to realize that it's all about sharing stories to let you know that, whatever you're going through - the good stuff and the tough stuff, large and small - you're not alone. 

No frills, just words.


Let's share some stories.

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