About me


I like to think that you can tell a lot about a person by the "About Me" page.


Personally, I like the ones that sum it all up in one snappy paragraph - like those six-word stories that blow your mind. Unfortunately, I usually get carried away. Or maybe I'm just not that much of a wordsmith. Either way, I promise to repress my inner narcissist.


My husband tells me that I'm "a leaf blowing in the wind". Not sure how I feel about that, but somehow I rode that wind here, so there you go. Sometimes I feel like a social chameleon, subtly shifting to accommodate the present situation. Sometimes I feel like I never quite fit anywhere, slightly awkward from all angles. Especially the angle where my praying mantis arms resemble an orangutan's. 

We are who we are, and I am, among other things, a Type A creative. It's on ongoing struggle with myself, let me tell you. Though my husband thought he was proposing to a "hippie lovechild," well...let's just say that he's learned a lot about me. Particularly the scrappy, sassy side who likes it the way she likes it.

I'm a former expressive arts therapist turned personal trainer and health coach who decided to develop health coaching curriculum...but those are just some of my day jobs. Writing has always been one of my top passions, and I'm currently the Spotlight Writer for the National Stuttering Association, an organization near and dear to my heart. 

In the meantime,  j.e.wolff is a space for some of my favorite things:

Sharing stories and ideas, trying to figure it all out, and laughing as much as possible at the absurdity along the way.

So, thanks for stopping by. And keep sharing your stories, because someone wants to hear them.


Vassar College, B.A.

  • Psychology

Lesley University, M.A.

  • Expressive Therapies



Pre/Postnatal Exercise

Precision Nutrition Coach

Integrative Nutrition Coach

Licensed Private School Teacher

Jamie Wolff, Brooklyn, NY
Jamie Wolff at play
Jamie Wolff in NYC home