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i'm a judger

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Hi there.

Nice to see you again.

This week, I noticed Judgement, and I wanted to bring it out into the sunlight, because it’s something that we all do. We all judge ourselves, no matter how hard we try not to...and we all judge others.

Maybe it goes back to Darwinism and survival of the fittest: we judge because we want to know who we should hang with in an emergency situation. Maybe we judge because we’re imperfect humans, and we all feel insecure sometimes, and none of us really knows what we’re doing. Maybe it’s something else. No matter the reason, it can consume our energy in less-than-helpful ways.

I’ve already discussed how I’m my own worst critic. I’m not alone in this, which is why I think it’s important to talk about it.

Want to take a little journey with me? Head on over HERE for a little stroll through a place that might seem very familiar...


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